AXIS Forensic Search for Genetec

About AXIS Forensic Search for Genetec

AXIS Forensic Search for Genetec adds forensic search possibilities for Axis devices to Genetec Security Center. Investigators working with Axis devices can use the plugin to get an overview of all activity in the scene or quickly find a specific object or event of interest.

Axis cameras with firmware 9.50 or higher generate metadata that describes all currently moving objects in a camera's field-of-view. Genetec Security Center can record this data together with the corresponding video and audio. AXIS Forensic Search for Genetec allows you to analyze and search this data.



Before you start, verify that you have:

  • Genetec Secutity Center Version 5.10 or later with latest Driver Pack
  • To search for objects without seeing the object type: Axis camera(s) with firmware version 9.50 or later
  • To filter on object types:
    • Axis camera(s) with firmware version 10.6 or later with AXIS Object Analytics enabled

      From firmware 10.10 you need to turn on AXIS Object Analytics in the camera’s web page under Metadata producer.

    • Human or vehicle: Axis cameras with machine learning processing unit (MLPU)

    • Vehicle types (car, bus, truck or bike): Axis camera(s) with a deep learning processing unit (DLPU)

  • Camera time synchronized with NTP

Get started


To install and configure AXIS Forensic Search for Genetec, follow this workflow:

  1. Verify camera settings in Config Tool

  2. Install the plugin on a server

  3. Configure the plugin

  4. Install the plugin on a client


You must install the plugin both on server and client machines. If you have a system with multiple servers, only install the plugin on one of them.

Verify camera settings in Config Tool

Verify that the cameras your want to use forensic search on have the correct settings:

  1. If the cameras are not already added, go to Config Tool and add them.

  2. Update the cameras’ recording settings as you need. To use the forensic search plugin, you must record both video and metadata. Forensic search only searches recorded data. If no recording has been done, forensic search will not find any data.

  3. If the camera supports AXIS Object Analytics, click the camera’s Video unit and go to Properties > Applications. Then select AXIS Object Analytics.

    For more information about which products that support AXIS Object Analytics, go to

  4. Set the recording frame rate to All frames, or at least 10.

Install the plugin on a server

  1. Locate the installation file.

  2. On the Genetec Server, run Axis forensic search for Genetec.exe. The installation file will restart the Security Center Server.

Configure the plugin

To configure the plugin on the server:

  1. Add AXIS Forensic Search for Genetec:

    1. In Config Tool, go to Tasks > Plugins.

    2. Click Add an entity and select Plugin.

    3. Select AXIS Forensic Search for Genetec, click Next and follow the onscreen instructions.

  2. Select which cameras you allow operators to perform forensic search on. The operator can then select among these cameras when creating a forensic search report in Security Desk.

    1. Click the plugin name.

    2. Go to Camera selection and click Add camera.

      You'll see a list of Axis cameras which have metadata enabled in Security Center.

    3. Select relevant cameras and click OK, then Apply.

  3. Configure region of interest filter.

    To use the region of interest filter in Security Desk, you must create a snapshot for the specific camera. If no snapshot is available you need to set it up:

    1. In Config tool, go to Tasks > Video and select the relevant camera.

    2. In the thumbnail window, click the arrow.

    3. Click Update thumbnail, then Apply.

  4. Wait at least 20 min to let the system record video and metadata. After that, you can start searching, see Perform a search

Install the plugin on a client

  1. On the client computer, run Axis forensic search for Genetec.exe.

    Now you can start searching, see Perform a search


Client setup tips

These settings are general and effect the whole Security Desk, not only AXIS Forensic Search for Genetec.

  • To make the experience when playing a video from the report better: Go to Options > Video > Seek time and set Playback offset to 0. Now the video will start at the actual time of the event.
  • To increase the number of search results that you can have in a report: Go to Options > Performance > Reports and modify Maximum number of results.

Learn more about the report

Forensic search works in the same way as any other report that you generate in Security Desk. The report contains the following columns:

  • Time

    The camera’s time when the system detected the object.

  • Camera

    The camera which detected the object.

  • Snapshot

    A zoomed in image of the detected object.

  • Type

    Type of objects: human, vehicle, bike, bus, car, truck or object if no type is detected.

  • Travel distance (%)

    Same as Travel distance but shown as an integer.

  • Relative speed (%/s)

    Same as Relative speed but shown as integer.

  • Duration (s)

    Time the object was tracked by the camera in seconds. Sometimes tracking could be lost if the object is far away or temporarily obscured by another object.


  • To get the correct video footage for the search results, it’s important to have the correct clock synchronization.

  • The data analyzed by the forensic search plugin doesn’t take the scene’s perspective into consideration. This means that an object’s size and speed differ depending on how close to the camera the object is.

  • Weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow may affect the detection accuracy.

  • If there’s a good contrast of the object in low light scenes, the analytic will become more accurate.

  • A single object can, under some circumstances, generate multiple results. For example when tracking is lost when an object is temporary obscured by another object.

  • For forensic search to work on video streams that have been rotated 180 degrees, you must use firmware 10.6 or later on the camera(s).

  • Forensic search doesn't work if you use a resolution with a different aspect-ratio than the native camera resolution.

  • It takes up to 20 min for an object that's visible in the scene to become searchable.


The report is empty

  • It can take some time before data is received. Wait around 20 min and make sure events take place in the scene.

  • Verify that the correct firmware is installed on the camera.

  • Verify that the latest driver pack is installed on the Security Center Server.

  • Verify that the camera is correctly configured for metadata:

    1. In the Config Tool go to Tasks > Video.

    2. Select the camera you want to use and go to the Recording tab.

    3. Click Show advanced settings.

    4. Turn on Record metadata. If you can’t see Record metadata, verify that the Latest Genetec Driver pack is installed.

  • In Security Desk, verify that metadata is saved:

    1. Click Tasks > Maintenance > Archive storage details.

    2. Select the camera and click Generate report. The saved data should include both metadata and video. If no metadata is stored, forensic search won’t work.

  • Verify that metadata is working:

    1. Go to live view for the specific camera.

    2. Verify that there are red bounding boxes surrounding the objects. If this is the case. then metadata is correctly configured.

The bounding box is not in sync with the objects in playback

  • Check that the Security Center Server and the camera are synchronized with a NTP sever.

  • Check that the recorded video resolution has the same aspect ratio as the default stream or sensor resolution.

I can't see playback video in the report

To playback video in the search report, the operator must have the user rights "View Playback". Without this, the operator will only see the camera’s live view.

Save logs

  1. Go to C:\ProgramData\Axis Communications\Components\DebugLogs.

  2. Save the file AXIS Security Center.log.

No snapshots

To get snapshots for the images, you must set the recording frame rate to All frames, or at least 10.

How do I uninstall the plugin?

  1. Uninstall the plugin from the server:

    1. In Config Tool, go to Tasks > Plugins.

    2. Select AXIS Forensic Search for Genetec and click Delete.

      This removes the database and all saved information.

    3. Go to Windows Settings and open Add or remove programs.

    4. Uninstall the plugin from the server.

  2. Uninstall the plugin from all clients:

    1. Go to Windows Settings and open Add or remove programs.

    2. Uninstall the plugin from the client.

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