AXIS Speaker Functionality for Singlewire InformaCast® - User manual

About application

Singlewire InformaCast® is a single platform that allows you to send out emergency messages and other communication with the technology your organization already has in place, including Axis network speakers. InformaCast mass notification system delivers intrusive and attention-getting audio alerts throughout your facility. AXIS Speaker Functionality for Singlewire InformaCast allows you to connect your Axis devices to your Singlewire InformaCast infrastructure. The application can be used on Axis network speakers after you purchase a license and install the application through AXIS Device Manager. 

Add your device in AXIS Device Manager

  1. Run AXIS Device Manager Client.

  2. When AXIS Device Manager starts, it automatically searches for devices.

    1. To manually search, click .

    2. If no devices are found, do an inspection of your network configuration.

    3. If the application informs you that some devices have old firmware, click the link to upgrade to the latest firmware.

    4. Select the devices you want to add, click Next, and then click Finish.

  3. Set a password for the devices:

    1. Select all your devices and click .

    2. Enter username and password, and click OK.

Secure passwords


Axis devices send the initially set password in clear text over the network. To protect your device after the first login, set up a secure and encrypted HTTPS connection and then change the password.

The device password is the primary protection for your data and services. Axis devices do not impose a password policy as they may be used in various types of installations.

To protect your data we strongly recommend that you:

  • Use a password with at least 8 characters, preferably created by a password generator.

  • Don’t expose the password.

  • Change the password at a recurring interval, at least once a year.

Install and license all the application

  1. In AXIS Device Manager, click to create a system report.

  2. Open the .csv in a program other than Microsoft® Excel®. 

  3. Edit the .csv file.

  4. Go to license key registration to generate keys from the license code. Go to

  5. Upload the .csv file from AXIS Device Manager.

    The system generates license keys that you can download.

  6. To download the license keys, click Download the result as zip.

  7. Extract the .zip file.

  8. Download AXIS Speaker Functionality for Singlewire InformaCast for your device from

  9. Add the application to the device.

  10. Go to the InformaCast portal to control that the devices were added.

Edit the .csv file

  1. Remove all data except for the MAC address on the devices you want to license.

  2. Enter 'code' and 'device' in the first row. The format must be code,device

  3. Enter the license code and the MAC address on the following rows. The format must be license code,MAC address.


There is one MAC address on each row of the document.


row 1: code,device

row 2: ABC1D-23EFG-H4IJ5-KL6MN,ABC0123DEFA4

row 3: ABC1D-23EFG-H4IJ5-KL67M,ABC123DE4FAB

Add the application to the device

  1. Select your devices.

  2. Click .

  3. Click Browse to find and select the downloaded application.

  4. Click Next.

  5. When asked to install the application, select Yes and click Next.

  6. Click Browse to find the license key file. Select the license key files for your selected devices. The connected MAC address is in the file name.

  7. Click Next and Finish.

  8. In the device web interface, go to Apps to start the application.

  9. Redo if you want to set up other device models.

Contact support

If you need more help, go to