AXIS TU9001 Control Board


Connect the USB cables according to the table.

ComputerAXIS TU9002AXIS TU9003
USB type AUSB type C
USB type AUSB type C
USB type AUSB type C


Product overview

  1. AXIS TU9002
  2. AXIS TU9003
  1. J1 or rewind button
  2. J2 or play/pause button
  3. J3 or forward button
  4. Toggle button
  5. J4 or bookmark button
  6. J5 or M1 button
  7. J6 or M2 button
  8. Left joystick button
  9. Right joystick button
  10. Joystick
  1. Display
  2. Function keys F1–F10
  3. Number keys 0–9
  4. Tab
  5. View
  6. Camera
  7. +
  8. -
  9. Alt


A hotkey is configurable and gives quick access to commonly used actions. AXIS TU9002 Joystick has 16 hotkeys and AXIS TU9003 Keypad has 24 hotkeys. To configure these hotkeys, go to your video management system.

Toggle button

AXIS TU9002 Joystick has a toggle button. Press the toggle button to switch between the hotkey functionalities.

Joystick mode and mouse mode

You can switch between joystick mode and mouse mode:

  1. Hold the toggle button while clicking J1.

  2. Release the toggle button.

In mouse mode, use J1, J5 and left joystick button as left click.

Use J2, J6 and right joystick button as right click.


If you experience problems during the installation, do or check the following:

  • Restart the video management system, for example AXIS Camera Station.

  • Disconnect the USB plug from the computer, wait 10 seconds and then restart your video management system.

  • Check that the USB port is version 2.0 or higher.

  • Move the USB plug to another available USB port on your computer. Then restart your video management system.

  • Verify that the operating system has identified the joystick. Go to Start > Control Panel > Game Controllers and follow the provided troubleshooting steps.

Contact support

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