AXIS W400 Body Worn Activation Kit

About the activation kit

The activation kit consists of an Axis connectivity hub, a WiFi / Bluetooth® adapter, and an antenna. In combination with an Axis body worn system and Axis body worn cameras, you can trigger recordings on events such as turning on a lightbar, or opening a car door.

System overview

Headquarters’ system
  1. Axis body worn system
Mobile surveillance system
  1. Axis body worn camera
  2. AXIS W400 Body Worn Activation Kit
  3. Recording activation input (through lightbar control unit)

Software requirements

AXIS D3110 –
AXIS OS version 11.6 or later
Axis body worn system –
AXIS OS version 11.6 or later

Install the connectivity hub

For more information on how to install the connectivity hub, see the AXIS D3110 Connectivity Hub installation guide and the AXIS D3110 user manual on the product’s support page.

  1. Connect the recording activation device to the I/O connector.

  2. Insert the LM842 WiFi / Bluetooth® adapter in the USB port.


    We recommend that you install a 2 A fuse between the positive terminal of the battery and AXIS D3110 Connectivity Hub. If you are unsure of how to install the hardware, contact a professional car upfitter to do the installation.

  4. Connect power to the power connector, or use PoE to power the device.

Configure your system

Configure the connectivity hub

  1. Access the AXIS D3110 Connectivity Hub through its web interface, see the AXIS D3110 user manual.

  2. Configure the recording activation input:

    1. Go to System > Accessories.

    2. On the port where you connected the device, click to set the direction to input.

  3. Create a rule:

    1. Go to System > Events and add a rule.

    2. In the list of conditions, select Digital input is active.

    3. Select the port that the device is connected to.

    4. In the list of actions, select Broadcast signal.

    5. In System ID, enter the body worn system’s ID. You can find it in the About menu in AXIS Body Worn Manager.

    6. In Message type, enter 1 to broadcast the message lightbar active.

Configure the body worn system

  1. Install the body worn system according to the Axis body worn solution user manual.

  2. In AXIS Body Worn Manager, go to Camera profiles and select the camera profile you want to use for the onboard system.

  3. Under Recording activation, select Receive wireless broadcast.