AXIS A4020-E Reader


Installation video for the device

Configure your device

The device works as a standard OSDP reader out-of-the-box. You can access specific features and change settings in AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry. Below is an example of how to configure the device through AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry.

Encrypted communication

AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry supports OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) Secure Channel to enable line encryption between controller and AXIS A4020-E Reader.

To turn on OSDP Secure Channel for entire system:

  1. Go to Configuration > Access control > Encrypted communication.

  2. Specify your main encryption key and click OK. To change the main encryption key, click .

  3. Turn on OSDP Secure Channel. This option is only available after you have set the main encryption key.

  4. By default, the OSDP Secure Channel key is generated by the main encryption key. To manually set the OSDP Secure Channel key:

    1. Under OSDP Secure Channel, click .

    2. Clear Use main encryption key to generate OSDP Secure Channel key.

    3. Type the OSDP Secure Channel key and click OK.

To turn on or turn off OSDP Secure Channel for a specific reader, see Doors and zones.


Reset to factory default settings

A reset to factory default resets all settings to the factory default values.

  1. Remove the device from the backplate. This disconnects power from the device.

  2. Use a blunt instrument to press and hold the control button while you reconnect power by connecting the terminal block to the pins in the device. See Product overview. You will hear a beep when you reconnect power.

  3. Keep the control button pressed for 5–10 seconds.

  4. Release the control button. The device has been reset to the factory default settings.

  5. Put the terminal block in its place in the backplate.

  6. Hook the device onto the backplate and close the unit slowly.


Product overview

  1. Reader indicator stripe
  2. DIP switches
  3. Control button

Reader indicator stripe

Flashing redWaiting for controller connection

DIP switches

DIP switchDefault settingFunction
1OffOSDP address:
Off + Off = 0*
Off + On = 1
On + Off = 2
On + On = 3
3OffRS485 termination, Off = active
6OffSecure mode
* When switch 1 and 2 are both set to Off, you can use the command osdp_COMSET to change the address.


Control button

Baud rate

The default baud rate is 9600. To change it, use the command osdp_COMSET.