AXIS Barcode Reader

Before you start

The AXIS Barcode Reader allows QR Codes® to be read using an embedded application installed on selected Axis intercoms and cameras. This product is used in connection with AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry, VAPIX® application programming interface, or a third party access control system.

QR Code® is a registered trademark of DensoWave Incorporated in Japan and other countries.

System requirements

It is best practice to ensure your device is running the latest firmware available. Go to to update this now.

The application can be installed in compatible Axis network video devices that support AXIS Camera Application Platform. A complete list of compatible devices and firmware versions is available at

Get started

Install AXIS Barcode Reader

Download the AXIS Barcode Reader installation package from

Follow the steps in the application setup video for a simple installation process.


To install the application on the device, you need administrator rights.

  1. Go to the device’s webpage.

  2. Go to Settings > Apps.

  3. Click Add to upload the application file (.eap) to the camera.

  1. To activate the license, you need a license key that is generated by the license code and the Axis device serial number. If you don’t have a license key on your computer, do the following:
  2. Go to

  3. Go to License key registration.

  4. Enter the license code and the serial number.

  5. Save the license key file on the computer. Browse to select the file and then click Activate.

Configure AXIS Barcode Reader

  1. To change the QR identification profile, go to Configuration > Access control > Identification profiles and click . See Identification profiles.

  2. Add a door. See Add a door.

  3. Select QR as the identification profile for this door. See Door settings.

  4. Add a barcode reader. See Add a reader.

    1. Under one side of the door, click Add reader.

    2. Select AXIS Barcode Reader from the Reader type drop-down list. Enter a name and click OK.

Create and send a QR Code®


QR Code credential enrollment and distribution will require an access control management system such as AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry, VAPIX®, or a third party access control management system.

To use AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry to create and send the QR Code, follow the instructions below.

  • Create the QR Code credential for new or existing cardholders.

    1. Go to Access management in the AXIS Camera Station user manual to learn how to create a cardholder.

    2. To add a QR Code to an existing cardholder, select the cardholder, click and then Edit.

    3. You must fill out the Name and Email address fields for a QR Code to be sent to the cardholder.

    4. Click and select the QR Code icon.

    5. Name the QR Code and set an Expiration date.

    6. Tick the box if you would like to send the QR Code immediately after creating it.

    7. Click Add and then Add again on the top left of the page.

  • Send the QR Code to the cardholder.

    1. Click next to the cardholder you wish to send the QR Code to then select Distribute QR Code.

    2. In the pop-up, confirm the details and click OK.

    3. Click Close.

To edit the QR Code email message template, go to settings on the left bar and select the Email template.

The visitor is visible in the list of current visitors. The status is active during the time that the invitation is valid.

Best practices

QR Code® recommendations


The QR Code can be up to 200 bytes. If larger, the QR Code will become harder to scan.

For best scanning results, the presented QR Code should be sharp, have high contrast, and uniform illumination.

  • Recommendations:
  • A mobile device holding a QR Code should have at least 1080p resolution.

  • A printed QR Code should be clear and undistorted.

Configure the application

Application setup

You must configure the application from the AXIS Barcode Reader setup page.

Text overlay

Data from the scanned QR Code® can be displayed as dynamic text overlay.

  • Click to toggle Text overlay on or off.


You must enable dynamic text overlay in the device’s web interface for AXIS Barcode Reader’s text overlay to work.

In your device’s web interface, go to Overlay settings and type #D in the space next to Include text.


  • Under Cooldown enter the desired Cooldown time in the field. A rescanned QR Code is not accepted unless the cooldown time has elapsed.


  • Toggle to enforce communication with door controllers over HTTPS.

Ignore server certificate validation

  • Toggle Ignore server certificate validation if you have configured certification and would like to allow communication with devices even if they are invalid.

Send credential type

Configure how you want to send data on the QR Code to the Axis network door controller.

  • Type: Chose the credential type.

  • Bit Count: Set the bit count in the credential.

  • Description: You can optionally add a description for the credential type.



Add Door controllers to integrate them with AXIS Barcode Reader. You can add up to five door controllers which can authenticate QR Codes® sent from AXIS Barcode Reader by using the authentication key to grant access. Integrate AXIS Barcode Reader into your system using one of two methods.


Using AXIS Camera Station requires an Axis network door controller with firmware or later.

Using OSDP or Wiegand requires an Axis network door station with OSDP or Wiegand support and with firmware 1.92 or later.

To use AXIS Barcode Reader through AXIS Camera Station you must first configure door controllers in AXIS Camera Station. Go to Configure AXIS Barcode Reader to learn more.

  • OSDP/Wiegand:

    1. In AXIS Camera Station, go to Configuration > Access control > Encrypted communication.

    2. Specify your main encryption key and click OK. To change the main encryption key, click .

    3. In the AXIS Barcode Reader application, turn on OSDP Secure Channel. This option is only available after you have set the main encryption key.

  • AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry:

    1. In AXIS Camera Station, go to Configuration > Access control > Encrypted communication and under AXIS Barcode Reader, click Show authentication key and Copy key.

    2. In the AXIS Barcode Reader application, turn on AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry.

      Click Add and enter the IP address of the door controller and paste the authentication key.

  • AXIS VAPIX® Physical Access Control:

    1. Configure VAPIX® Physical Access Control. For more information on how to do this, visit

    2. In the AXIS Barcode Reader application, turn on both OSDP/Wiegand and AXIS VAPIX® Physical Access Control.

      Click Add and enter the IP address of the door controller and it’s username and password.

Once a connection is created, view the information on the right panel where you can select the doors you would like to scan QR Codes.


I get an error message: Invalid username or Authentication key

The login settings for the user account in the door controller has been changed in AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry.

Update the Authentication key for the door controller in AXIS Barcode Reader to match the one set in AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry.

The QR Code® is not working.The Door controller is offline.Go to the AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry or the third party system to make sure that the Door controller is online.
A QR Code that is Active is not being accepted.The Cooldown period has not elapsed.Either wait for the Cooldown period to pass or, change the Cooldown period from the application setting page.