AXIS Camera Station Pro - Feature guide


This document is based on the following versions:

AXIS Camera Station Pro video management software puts efficient surveillance at your fingertips with an intuitive interface that’s easy to operate – even for the occasional user. In this guide you will find a summary of the main features and functions.

The AXIS Camera Station Pro video management software is at the core of this Axis end-to-end solution. The complete solution is comprised of:

  • AXIS Camera Station Pro server software: handles all communication with cameras, video encoders and auxiliary devices in the system. The number devices that each server can communicate with is typically limited by the total bandwidth available.

  • AXIS Camera Station Pro client software: provides access to recordings, live video, logs and configuration. The client can be installed on any computer enabling remote viewing and control from anywhere on the Internet or corporate network.

  • AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry: built in within AXIS Camera Station Pro software and provides access control functionality when the AXIS A1601 and the AXIS A12 series door controllers are added.

  • AXIS Camera Station Network Recorders: With an Axis network video recorder you get an easy-to-install and reliable solution perfectly adapted to Axis wide range of network products. The recorders are preloaded with all necessary software including video management software licenses.

  • Mobile viewing app for AXIS Camera Station: provides access to recordings and live video on multiple systems. The app can be installed on Android and iOS devices and enable remote viewing from other locations.

  • Axis Secure Remote Access: Axis Secure Remote Access simplifies the installation of remote access to surveillance systems.

  • AXIS Camera Station Integrator suite: A set of tools to help integrators design, deploy and maintain AXIS Camera Station Pro solutions, these tools include AXIS Site Designer, AXIS Installation Verifier and AXIS System Health Monitoring.

  • Cloud Services: AXIS Camera Station Pro gives you the option to connect to cloud services that provide the ability to view video and manage devices.

Live view functionality

General client operation

Tabs for easy selectionMakes it possible to create a customized workspace with instant access to views and cameras. Easily move between the resources depending upon the task.
Drag and drop selection (including multiple selection) Fast and intuitive operation. Easily create customized views on the fly.
Multi-monitor supportEnables even better overview and operation. The operator can have different monitors for different functionality, such as viewing recordings and live view simultaneously.
Online and offline helpUpdated help information when you need it. The help is sensitive to the page you are viewing to enable quick understanding of the function.
User defined action buttonsAllows you to define various actions and make them available in your workspace such as playing an audio message from an Axis audio device.
On screen controls for extra camera featuresMakes it possible to access certain Axis camera features such as starting wipers, initiating AXIS Speed Dry etc.
Joystick integration (AXIS T8310 Video Surveillance Control Board)For easy and precise control Pan Tilt Zoom cameras.
Web pages for simple integration and displayAllows you to integrate with an external system, all that is needed is a web presentation. This can be used for the presentation of Switch interfaces, People counting statistics, and even weather reports and more.
Programmable hot keysMakes it possible for the advanced operator to trigger a function such as instantly display a specific view, take a snapshot etc.
LogsMakes it possible to track who did what and system events in a certain timeframe.
Filter and search logsIt is possible to search the content within the logs and filter for specific log type (alarms, audits and/or events).
Operator selectable video stream profiles (low, medium, high)Useful for low bandwidth connections and to optimize operator experience.
Stream information (frame rate/ bitrate etc.) for diagnostics Instant information about live-view performance such as bandwidth, frame rate and resolution.

Software customization

Adaption of user interfaceThree color themes to meet a range of operator environments and preferences (light, classic and dark).
Action buttonsEasily create action buttons in live view for the control of device functionality as well as external systems. Examples are to control illumination, trigger an audio message, arm/disarm alarm panels or open a barrier.
Create interactive mapsImport a map of your site to get an interactive overview for easy navigation. Place devices on map, add cameras with thumbnail views, speakers with the ability to trigger audio clips, doors icon which reflect status and action buttons which can trigger event setup in action rules. View areas for cameras can be configured to flash when the camera is recording via an event.
Software integration with other systemsApplication Program Interface - API for software integration is available to approved partners on request.
Integration with Axis devicesVAPIX® can be used within action rules

Viewing and video

Synchronized live video from different serversGet the full overview by viewing live video from different servers and or sites simultaneously.
UltraHD 4KSupport for high resolution cameras for clear identification of incidents (requires appropriate client and display).
360 dewarping in live and playbackAllows operators to get a complete scene overview without blind spots.
Axis Corridor format (9:16)This makes it possible to optimize the monitoring of tall wide scenes such as aisles and corridors.
Multi-sensor stitchingPresents multiple camera sensors camera streams as one single joined view.
PTZ control including pre-set positions and autofocusAllows you to follow and track moving objects and focus on details of interest. Preset positions can also be used when an alarm is activated to automatically observe the area of interest.
PTZ AutotrackingVia the Autotracking ACAP the AXIS PTZ will automatically track selected objects identified by the camera or when an object enters a predefined zone.
User defined digital presetsAllows you to add digital preset positions of areas of interest. These can also be used within views.
User defined multi-view displaysFlexible customization of your views, combine maps, web pages, cameras and more.
User defined video sequencesCreate virtual guard tours to automatically overview your site.
Flexible Maps with camera preview and interactive iconsQuick overview of entire site with instant navigation and access to camera views. Interactive icons enable the control of doors, speakers and the siren and light.
Hot spot view One frame can be set as a hotspot that automatically loads the view from another frame or map when clicking in that frame. Hotspots can be useful for asymmetric split views with one large and several small frames. The largest frame is typically defined as the hotspot. Hotspots can also be used as an action in the action rules and used to dynamically show alarm images. Hotspots can also be used when replaying video simplifying the camera selection.
Receive live and recording alertsAllows the user to right click on a tab and associate it with alerts. By doing so alarm actions will not interfere with the user’s current view.
Manual recordingEnables an operator to manually trigger a recording by clicking an icon in the live view.
Instant playbackEasily jump from live view back in time a few seconds (user configurable) to immediately investigate something seen in the live view.
Snapshot still images from liveAllows you to easily save and share still images from cameras and maps with others.


Live audio from microphone connected to a cameraAllows you to listen-in on live view scenes and get both video and audio recordings.
Live talk to a speakerAllows you to speak live to deter intruders or inform and communicate with staff and customers.
Action buttons to trigger stored messagesPossibility to play pre-recorded messages to deter intruders, or inform staff and customers.
Alarms can be used to trigger stored messages Use alarms from actions and or ACAP’s (AXIS Camera Application Platform) to automatically trigger pre-recorded messages such as “intruder detected”.
Speaker icons on maps can trigger stored messagesTrigger any of the messages stored on a camera by using the speaker place on a map.
Push-to-talk audioPush-to-talk can be enabled for all Axis cameras supporting half duplex audio.
Listen to this source onlyWhen monitoring multiple channels of video and audio all other source are muted at a click of a button.

Recording playback

Multiview synchronized playbackGet full overview of an incident by investigating multiple cameras simultaneously.
Synchronized playback from different serversGet full overview of an incident by investigating playback views from different servers and or sites simultaneously.
Hotspot selectionCameras can be displayed by using hot spot selection.
Video ScrubbingQuick investigation of recorded video by dragging the timeline forward and backward.
Fast play (up to x64)Allows you to quickly analyze video and find the section that is of interest.
Frame advancePossibility to investigate details frame by frame.
Smart search with results shown as thumb nailsDefine a boundary box in scene of interest and define time frame (e.g. what happened at the entrance between 7-9 pm). All incidents taking place will be instantly presented as thumbnails.
Snapshot still images from playbackAllows you to easily share images with others.
Bookmarks with notesFacilitates investigation by marking video for easy retrieval at a later date and building cases for export.
Lock recording from being overwrittenSecures video from being overwritten in its original form on the server if required.
Color coded timeline with filterClear color coding of different types of recordings and events and filter makes it easy to locate incident of interest.
Thumb nail preview of recordings within the timelineHover on the timeline and a preview image will be presented. This enables the operator to quickly review video recordings.
Calendar selectionEasily search within specific time and dates to quickly find video of interest.
Failover recording from SD cardIf contact with a server is lost, video will be saved on a cameras SD card. When contact with the server is re-established video will automatically be uploaded to server.
Smart Search 2.0Advanced filters used to search recorded video footage. Search for vehicles or people, filter further by color, trip wire, area and ability to filter out fast and small objects. Results in a similar timeframe can be grouped, which provides the ability to display the results in a clearer overview. Smart Search 2 can also be used on Radar metadata including a filter for object speed.
Similarity search within Smart Search 2.0The Similarity search function performs a search based upon visual similarities of a person. This can also be used to search for the person on different cameras and on different days. Note this is pixel based and not using any biometric data.
Background processing for Smart Search 2.0Enables faster performance by continually processing video in the background without effecting system performance. Can be enabled on camera by camera basis.

Recordings and events

Recording can be configured as continuous and motionMakes it possible to set recording mode for each camera as well as alarm triggered.
Pre and post buffer for motion detection recordingsThe Pre alarm buffer allows you to record video of what occurred prior to a detected event and the Post alarm is the time to record after a detected event. This can ensure you obtain all the relevant information.
Ability to configure free shape "include" area and multiple exclude areas for Motion detection Makes it possible to increase VMD performance and reduce false alarms.Makes it possible to increase VMD performance and reduce false alarms.
Motion detection has short lived object, small object and swaying object filtersMakes it possible to reduce false alarm triggers by excluding certain objects.

Active alarm handling

Alarm alerts / notificationsAlarms are sent to users connected to the server.
Alarm view Automatically switch to the video view associated with the alarm.
Support for alarm acknowledgements Alarms are high-lighted until acknowledged by operator.
Support for alarm proceduresPossibility to write instructions to explain what actions to take presented with a specific alarm.

Video export

Right click events to select video for export Selection is made simple. Right click an event and choose export.
Markers to select video for export Specify the start and end of an export by the use of markers. The video shown will reflect the marker, removing the need to specify the exact time the event occurred - drag the marker and view the video.
Edit video length within the export tabAbility to adjust the start and end time of a video within the export tab. This flexibility enables clips to be tailored without the need to return to the recordings tab.
Multiple cameras and recorded sequences can be added to export Different cameras and recordings from different times can all be combined in the export to create a complete overview of the incident.
Notes can be added to video sequencesMakes it possible to describe details of the incident that may not be obvious to the recipient.
Digital signatureIncrease the evidential value of exported material. The digital signature can be used to verify that video export had not been tampered with since the time of export.
Integrated signed videoAxis video streams contain information that can be used by the file player to verify the authenticity of the exported video.
Create playlist and include Axis File PlayerMakes it easy for third-party recipients to view exported material including synchronized playback (up to four cameras) and presentation of notes and bookmarks.
Password protection zip exportSafeguard that your exported case can be transferred to the recipient in a secure way.
Incident reportManagement of case information including video stills and text descriptions. The incident report will be created on a network location which can then have restricted access thus limiting the access to the exported video.
Video RedactionMask video before exporting to protect third-party privacy. Pixelated boxes are easily applied to the video to obscure individuals and object identity without the need for additional software or services.
Automatic export to archive videoScheduled export of recorded video for long term backup storage.
Exported video formatsMultiple video formats can be exported as ASF, MP4 and MKV.
Axis File playerIncluded as default when exporting video for third-party’s without the need for installing additional software for playback.

User management

User profilesIndividually define a user’s rights to access certain devices and their functionality.
Support for Microsoft Active directoryMicrosoft Active Directory can be used to facilitate the administration of users, groups and device access rights.
Support for user groupsPossibility to define access right on group level, three default user profiles:
  • Administrator: Full access to all functionality and all cameras and devices.

  • Operator: Full access to all functionality except Configuration tab, Device management page, and Audit log. Full access to cameras and I/O ports. Access to playback and recording export can be restricted.

  • Viewer: Access to live video from cameras and access to I/O ports.

Limit access to functionalityYou can restrict access to the following functions: Cameras, Views, IO, System and access control
Mechanical PTZ priorityWhen two users with different priorities try to control the PTZ camera at the same time, the user with the highest priority will block the other user.

Multi-site management

Clients can connect to multiple servers simultaneously Connect to several servers to have a complete overview of a larger premises or even multi-site installations.
Server listsYou can group servers and locations in a server list. If you have multiple sites or servers this function makes it easy to access and connect to them.
Aggregated viewsCamera live and recorded views may be combined from multiple sites/servers. An example would be to view all entrance doors of a retail chains stores.
Axis Secure Remote AccessSimplifies access to remote surveillance systems. Once enabled it removes the need of manual port-forwarding and router configurations. The technology uses multiple levels of authentication to establish secure, encrypted communication between a client and the surveillance system.
AdministrationAn administrator can connect to multiple sites/servers and configure devices and settings.


Scale up to larger systems by adding serversGrow the number of cameras and performance by adding more servers. It is easy to configure the clients to view both recorded and live video from multiple servers.


Multiple storage locations can be allocatedIt is easy to add additional direct attached and local network storage and allocate to cameras. Cameras can be allocated to different storage locations if desired.
Zip streamZip stream profiles can be applied to reduce storage requirements whilst maintaining forensic details.
Individual retention times can be applied to each cameraTo manage video storage time and comply with regulations, individual desired retention times can be set for each camera.
Average bitrateAverage bitrate is a sophisticated method of controlling bitrate. Video compression will be adapted to ensure retention time requirements are always met.
Failover recording by adding a SD card to the camera (auto transfer on connection resume)Makes it possible to create redundancy and record to SD card within the camera if connection to recording server is lost. The recording will be uploaded to the server once the connection is regained.
Axis Validated Storage solutionsAxis supplies a range of network video recorders. These include the AXIS S22 Series appliances with built in POE switches and the AXIS S11 Series recorders which meet higher demands as they can include RAID and redundant PSU’s. The AXIS S30 Series recorders can also be used in conjunction with an installation of AXIS Camera Station Pro server.

Action rules and integration

Action rules

Action rule engineEnables triggers and actions to be defined to build more complex and tailored solutions. For example, an activation of a trip wire from AXIS Fence Guard ACAP could then action the recording of video from certain cameras, move a PTZ to a specific preset, trigger an audio message on a speaker and trigger an output to turn on some lights and alert an operator.
Various triggers Triggers define when a rule should be activated. The following triggers are available: AXIS Motion Detection, Active Tampering Alarm, AXIS Cross Line Detection, System Event and Error, Always Active (used in combination with schedule), Input and Output, Device Event (includes alarms generated from ACAPs), Action Button, Access Control Event and External HTTPS.
Trigger logicBoth AND and OR logic can be applied to triggers for flexible configuration.
Various actionsOne rule can have multiple actions. When the rule is activated, all actions are performed. The following actions are available: Record, Raise Alarm, Set Output, Send Email, Live View, Send HTTP Notification, Send mobile app notification, Turn rules on or off and Access Control.
Copy action ruleThe copy function can help increase efficiency where multiple similar action rules are required.

Integration with other Axis IP products

360 dewarping in live, playback and export (AXIS XXXX-P Models)Allows operators to get a complete scene overview without blind spots even in exported video via the AXIS File Player.
Axis multi-sensor stitching (AXIS P3807-pve)Presents multiple camera sensors camera streams as one single joined view.
Axis multidirectional cameras with PTZ. (AXIS Q6000 series & AXIS M5000-G)In these models the fixed cameras provide a complete overview of the scene and the PTZ enables the capture of even more detail. Simple operation is provided as the operator can click within the view of a fixed camera and the PTZ will move to that associated position.
AXIS Q2901, Q194X, Q195X, Q196XThe Axis temperature monitoring cameras allows alarms to be created when an object reaches a maximum temperature.
AXIS Q1961-TEMeasure the temperature of objects within AXIS Camera Station Pro.
AXIS Door Stations and Video Intercoms
(AXIS A8004 / A8501 / A8207 / I8016-LVE)
Answer/ decline / ignore call, audio and visual communication and open contact for opening door. Features include:
- Preview window showing live video of the caller.
- Multiple calls will stack.
- If AXIS Camera Station Pro is minimized, calls will still be shown.
- Record video and audio of person entering including pre and post time.
- Answer calls and open doors from the Axis mobile app.
- “Speak” functionality can be enabled to enable communication to door station with a call being initiated.
Combined Siren and Light (AXIS D4100-E)Control triggering of the combined Siren ad light device. Adding audio and visual indications of events generated within AXIS Camera Station Pro.
Inputs and Outputs (AXIS A9161 / A9188)Tightly integrated with AXIS Camera Station Pro action rule engine to enable the creation of tailored solutions.
- Inputs such as panic buttons and other sources such as PIR's, alarms and door contacts can easily be connected to a system.
- Outputs can be used to control of other equipment such as barriers, shutters and lights.
Audio (AXIS C3003 / C1004 / C8033)Enhance your surveillance system with audio:
- Speakers can be associated with a camera to enable viewing and live talking to the site.
- Pre-recorded messages such as “wrong direction”, “intruder detected” etc. can be manually triggered from action buttons and automatically triggered from alarms and analytics.
Axis Decoder (AXIS T8705, AXIS D1110)Enables video and split views to be displayed on monitors across the network to keep an eye on customer areas, manufacturing processes etc. without the need for a client.
It is also possible to select multiple cameras or views and send them to a decoder connected to the server.
Radar display and alarm triggers
(AXIS D2050-VE, D2110-VE)
Live view of radar to visualize the movements of an intruder. Integration via the action rule engine enables more advanced solutions to be configured. Can also be used to log the speed of vehicles when used in conjunction with the AXIS Speed Monitor ACAP.
AXIS A1001 with AXIS Entry Manager Simple access control functionality can be added:
- Trigger actions in AXIS Camera Station Pro such as recording a person entering a building.
- Integration with action rule engine to create advanced alerting such as alarming on door forced, door held open and tamper alarms.
- Action buttons to unlock and lock doors.
- The web page of AXIS Entry Manager used for the management of doors and card holders can also be displayed and operate within AXIS Camera Station Pro.
AXIS A1601 and AXIS A12 Series with AXIS Camera Station Secure EntryUnified access control features using AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry. See section 15 for details.
AXIS S22XX Network SwitchConfigure and manage the AXIS S22XX network switch within the configuration of AXIS Camera Station Pro. This includes port and POE management.
AXIS Body worn solutionsMobile video footage from guards and employees in vulnerable situations can be incorporated into the surveillance solution. Once uploaded the footage is behaves exactly as one of the permanently connected cameras.
AXIS Body Worn Assistant mobile appNotes and categories added in the AXIS Body Worn Assistant mobile app are displayed in the AXIS Body Worn metadata list in AXIS Camera Station Pro recording view.
AXIS Object AnalyticsSelect which objects to detect—humans, vehicles, or types of vehicles including cars, trucks, buses, and bikes, and then define behavioral conditions such as time in area and cross line for that object to trigger an event.
AXIS License Plate Verifier ACAP License plates captured by cameras using the AXIS License Plate Verifier ACAP can be viewed in the AXIS Camera Station Pro Data search tab.
AXIS Autotracking 2.0 ACAP The Axis PTZ running the Autotracking ACAP will automatically track selected objects identified by the camera or when an object enters a predefined zone.
AXIS Speed MonitorUsed in conjunction with an Axis radar, the speed of a vehicle can be overlayed on a camera image. Alarms can also be generated if a vehicles speed is over the maximum limit. The speed data is also available in data search and can be used to assess vehicle behavior on a site – ideal for health and safety.
Other ACAPs installed on the cameraAxis edge based analytics can be added to cameras to increase operator efficiency and to meet specific requirements for example:
- Axis provides ACAPS such as AXIS Guard Suite, AXIS Perimeter Defender, AXIS Live Privacy Shield and AXIS Object Analytics.
- ACAPs are also available from partners to enable a wide range of enhanced functionality such as audio analytics and more. Running analytics on the camera removes the required for a central server and simplifies scalability.

Integration of third-party products

ONVIFAXIS Camera Station Pro supports ONVIF Profile S conformant third-party devices that have been verified through AXIS Camera Station Device Compatibility Tool. AXIS Camera Station 5 and above supports third party devices according to definitions in the IEC62676-2-3 standard.
Note: One Universal license per video stream is required.
Ability to add RTSP and HTTP video streamsPossibility to add video streams directly to AXIS Camera Station Pro for live view and recordings.
Note: One Universal license per video stream is required.
APIAXIS Camera Station Pro API offers functionalities such as System information and configuration, Camera capabilities, Snapshot, Live view, Recordings from specified cameras, interval and range, Playback, PTZ, Action Buttons, Get Event Logs, Audio transmission, Support for third party devices.
AXIS Camera Station Pro API documentation is available to approved partners on request.
External dataUsing the API, data from third party systems such as Licence Plates, Electronic Point of Sale (cash registers) and similar systems can be saved and presented into AXIS Camera Station Pro. This data can also be associated with video recordings and interrogated using the data search.
Applicable for the following Axis products - AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry, AXIS License Plate Verifier and AXIS Speed Monitor.
Data searchThe possibility to filter data entries by date and time and free text from external data sources.

Data search

Filter on date and time and free text linked with videoThe possibility to filter data generated from AXIS Secure Entry (access control events), AXIS Licence Plate Verifier (registration plates) and other data sources (integrated with the API). These results are associated with video recordings.
Filter data sourceDisplay and filter only data sources of interest for example only Access Control data.
Filter for specific attributes associated with the data sourceWhen you have filtered for Access Control attributes such as doors, card holders and events will be presented as a filter type.
Filter further using AND / OR Event markersFilter results using ADD and OR as well as parenthesis to reduce the returned results.
Display “Live data”Ability to display data live such as license plates and access control data. This can also be combined with the filter to show live events of interest such as access denied or refund.
Display imagesImages associated with the data such as access control photos can also be displayed within both the live and replay of Data Search.
Event markersEvent markers are displayed on the recording timeline to aid investigations.
Export dataExport the data contained within the search to a text file.

AXIS Data Insights Dashboard

Present counting data in graphical formCounting data generated by the AXIS Object Analytics ACAP installed on your Axis camera will be presented in graphical form. The data provided from the Data Insight Dashboard can be useful in understanding the movement of vehicles and people within your site.
Filter your dataMultiple filters can then be easily applied to your data to for you to gain specific insights.
Export your dataThe data can also be exported and used within applications.

Mobile app for iOS and Android


Functionality can vary slightly between operating systems.

View live and recorded videoConnect to a selected server and view video from anywhere.
Picture in pictureA live view image can be displayed whilst reviewing recordings. This is useful when reviewing alarm notifications as both the trigger of the alarm notification and the live status can be viewed simultaneously.
Video ScrubbingQuick investigation of recorded video by dragging the timeline forward and backward.
Fast play (up to x8) and slow play (0.25)Allows you to quickly analyze video and find the section that is of interest.
Frame advancePossibility to investigate details both forward and backwards frame by frame.
Color coded timeline with filterClear color coding of different types of recordings and events and filter makes it easy to locate incident of interest.
Calendar selectionEasily search within specific time and dates to quickly find video of interest.
Video encodingSupport for H.264 and H.265 video encoding.
Multi view of live from single serverView multiple cameras to overview a site.
Server listEasy overview of all servers/sites in the system.
Export videoInstantly share video with third-party.
Snapshot stillsInstantly share still images with third-parties.
PTZ control including pre-setsControl PTZ to follow moving objects.
360 Panoramic DewarpDewarp 360 panoramic video in both live and playback.
Audio (listen)Allows you to listen-in on live view scenes.
Audio (talk)Allows you to talk to a speaker associated with a camera.
Axis Door Station IntegrationTwo-way audio communication and live video image of caller. A door connected to the door station can also be opened from the app.
Mobile alarm notificationsReceive alarm notifications on your mobile device. The alarm notification has to be configured with action rules of AXIS Camera Station Pro server and requires connection via Axis Secure Remote Access.
Notification listA list of notifications is provided in the mobile app enabling fast connection to alarm events.
Action buttonAction buttons are presented in the app to control external equipment such as illumination, trigger audio messages and open or close shutters or barriers.
Axis Secure Remote AccessSimplifies access to remote surveillance systems. Once enabled it removes the need of manual port-forwarding and router configurations. The technology uses multiple levels of authentication to establish secure, encrypted communication between a client and the surveillance system.

AXIS Camera Station Pro web client

The AXIS Camera Station Pro web client can be used to view connect to your AXIS Camera Station Pro system on your local area network (No internet connection is required – on prem solution). It is a simplified version of the Windows Client requiring no software to be installed on the view PC or MAC. It is also used when connecting via the optional cloud service.

View live and recorded videoConnect to a selected server and view video on your local network.
Split viewsSplit views that have been created on your AXIS Camera Station server will be available in the web client. Only video is currently supported.
Select stream profilesThe ability to select stream profiles to suit your network bandwidth.
Share video and Export Share links to specific recording point in time and export sections of video.
Control of PTZ cameras Control PTZ cameras including the selection of PTZ Presets.
AudioTwo-way audio. Transmit live audio to speakers and listen to audio from your microphones.
PC and MAC compatibilityThe web client can be used with a wide range of internet browsers Chrome, Edge and Safari.

Cloud services through Axis Cloud Connect

In addition to the capabilities available in AXIS Camera Station, AXIS Camera Station Pro also offers the following optional cloud services.

Video operationConnect to a selected server and view live and recorded video from anywhere using a web browser.
Server monitoringProvides an overview of the system including the recording hardware. Storage information is provided including details associated with retention.
Device ManagementView the status of your devices and update firmware.
Licence ManagementManage the licenses within your system.
User ManagementInvite cloud users via their My Axis email address. Users can be assigned roles to enable them to view video or manage your systems.

Integrator functionality

Management of software

Software updatesAXIS Camera Station Pro can automatically check for new updates. When a new update becomes available it will be downloaded and automatically installed. The updates can also be scheduled.

Device configuration

Design and specify a solution based upon AXIS Camera Station Pro using AXIS Site DesignerThe tool includes camera, accessory and recorder selectors as well as a built-in storage calculation. The tool also provides a bill of material, installation notes, quotation with prices and an auto configuration file.
Auto configuration from AXIS Site DesignerSave installation time and eliminate mistakes by exporting configurations made in AXIS Site Designer to AXIS Camera Station Pro (configuration generated in AXIS Site Designer can be sent via email or downloaded to an USB).
Installation notes from AXIS Site DesignerSave installation time and eliminate mistakes by transferring installation notes made in AXIS Site Designer (pdf sent by mail or downloaded to an USB).
Automatic discovery of devicesAutomatic discovery of devices connected to the network (even without the configuration of IP addresses).
Automatic generation of a root certificateThe root certificate can be used to sign other certificates when using HTTPS or IEEE.
HTTPS by defaultWhen adding a device, HTTPS communication will be selected as default. Where devices do not support HTTPS, HTTP will be used.
HTTPS – Validate device addressTo enhance HTTPS communication the device address can be compared to the address AXIS Camera Station Pro is using to communicate with the device. If the address is different, it will be considered untrusted.
Automatic View creationOnce cameras are added views are automatically created for quick navigation. These can then be adjusted to the customer requirements.
Simultaneous configuration of multiple camera settings from multiple serversFacilitates configuration when installing several cameras with the same configurations such as recording profile.
Image configurationAdjust camera image including brightness, color, WDR and rotation and mirroring.
PTZ pre-sets can be added and savedMakes it possible to quickly move and zoom to a specific area of interest such as garage entrance to easily capture a license plate.
Cameras and other Axis devices such as audio, IO, and door station, can be added to the system Easy to expand the system with extra functionality with differing devices to meet customer requirements.
External data sourcesExternal data sources (for instance door activities) can be associated with a camera view. This then associates recordings with the data when using the Data search tab.
Remote access to device web pageAccess all the connected devices features via the devices web interface. This gives access to advanced functionality and enables efficient configuration when accessing remotely.

Management of devices

Assign IP Address (Fixed/DHCP)Makes it possible assign IP Addresses automatically from a DHCP server or assigned from an IP address range.
Add users and Set passwordsSupport for Microsoft Windows Active Directory makes it possibly to easy add users in the system.
Password RandomizationAutomatically generate a secure password on a device. This password is generated at the maximum length supported by the selected device(s).
Firmware upgradesSystem can automatically check for new device firmware upgrades; Firmware can be upgraded in parallel or in a sequence.
Administrator informed of new firmware when starting clientMakes it possible for Administrator to decide if firmware should be updated or not.
Install camera application (ACAP)A camera application is software that can be uploaded to and installed on Axis network video products to add functionality to the device, for example detection, recognition, tracking or counting capabilities. The ACAP installed directly from AXIS Camera Station Pro or downloaded from Axis webpage or vendor’s web page.
Save configuration fileMultiple devices can be configured at the same time by copying device settings from one device, or by applying a configuration file.
Set time and dateThe date and time settings for your Axis devices can be synchronized with the server which will act as an NTP (Network Time Protocol) source. The server time and device time offset is displayed making it easy to identify if there are any issues with the time synchronisation throughout the solution.
Restart device and restore factory defaultRestart devices or restore devices to reset most settings, including the password, to their factory default values. The following settings are not reset: boot protocol (DHCP or static), static IP address, default router, subnet mask and system time.
Multiple device ManagementPossibility to perform batch upgrades and configurations of connected devices.
Manage devices from multiple serversPossibility to perform batch upgrades and configurations of connected devices from different servers.
HTTPSSecurely connect to devices using HTTPS. AXIS Camera Station Pro can also configure a Certificate Authority.
Replace a cameraA camera can be replaced in the system without losing the recordings of camera being replaced. Comparable settings will be maintained.

Reporting and verification

Axis Installation verifier (Tests the system integrity and produces reports for service and handover)This unique function stress tests the system high lighting any issues. The tool automatically produces useful documentation for integrators which can be used for hand over and service documentation.
Client and server configuration sheets (Documents all client and Server settings)Possibility to automatically create hand over documentation containing all system configurations.
System reportThis can be used by technical support to simplify the trouble shooting of issues.
System Health MonitoringProvides an overview of the system including the recording hardware. Storage information is provided including details associated with retention. Notifications are generated if a device or if the system goes offline and emails can be sent. Multiple systems on the network can be monitored to ensure the system is performing as expected.
System Health Monitoring Cloud Service (Preview)Enables remote viewing of the System Health Monitoring information via a web browser.

Unified access control

AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry is part of the AXIS Camera Station Pro software and provides a unified solution combining both surveillance and access control functionality. No extra software modules are required, simply add Axis door controllers to the system (each door controller requires a core license) and all of the functionality is available.

For an overview, look at this brochure.

Access control configuration

Encryption between controller and readerOSDP Secure Channel support encrypts the data between AXIS A4020-E and AXIS A4120-E readers and the AXIS A16 series / AXIS A12 series door controllers.
Door and zone configurationThis feature provides the possibility to configure a door installation in AXIS Camera Station Pro linking it to the correct hardware peripherals and combining doors into zones.
Anti-pass backAnti pass back preventing a card holder entering the same zone before exiting the current one. When detected an alarm can be raised as entry can be denied. Card holders can be configured to be exempt from this feature.
Double swipeThe double swipe function allows a user to override the current status of a door. It can be used to unlock a door outside of a regular schedule.
Two-person ruleTwo people are required to swipe the cards to gain access.
IP ReaderIt is possible to add the AXIS A8207-VE (Video intercom and access control reader) to the system as an IP Reader.
Pin chart of configured AXIS A16 series / A12 seriesAfter the doors have been configured, a color-coded pin chart can be viewed and printed which can be used to assist installers when installing the hardware on site.
Identification profiles for doors in the systemIdentification profiles defines the manner of identification required at a door and can be combined with scheduling. For instance, requiring card and pin at night and only card in the daytime.
Customizable PIN lengthSet the number of digits (1-24) in the system for PIN (Personal Identification Number) that accompanies a card for cardholder validation.
Card formattingAdd a possibility to define card formats in the system providing an easy translation from data received from any card reader and data to be validated in an access control setup. These can be deployed system wide or on individual readers.
Copying of preconfigured door configurationsYou can copy a door controller’s configuration and apply it to another. This saves time and eliminates configuration mistakes.
Multi server configurationThe ability to create a main server and sub server configuration. Which then supports the ability to share cardholder and groups to all of the configured servers.

Access control management

Cardholder managementIn the Access management tab, you can create cardholders, give them multiple credentials (up to 5) such as cards and PIN codes, and associate a photo. Custom fields in the cardholder profile are provided for additional information.
Support for Microsoft Active directoryMicrosoft Active Directory can be used to populate card holder details.
Global cardholder managementAbility to create a global cardholder or group which will be shared to all access control servers that are part of a multi server configuration.
License plate credentialsLicense plates can be used as a credential. The AXIS License Plate Verifier ACAP has to be used to capture the license plates.
QR Code® credentials and email distribution for effective visitor management

QR Code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated in Japan and other countries.

QR Codes (Static and dynamic) can be created used in conjunction with the AXIS Barcode Reader ACAP installed on a door intercom as a credential. You can also define the access using time eg valid between 9.00 - 11.00.
The QR code credential can also be emailed for efficient and cost effective visitor management.
Dynamic QR Code credentialA dynamic QR code can be generated for more secure temporary access. Dynamic QR code access requires the AXIS Mobile Credential app.
Duress PINA duress pin can be associated with a card holder. When this PIN is entered the door will open and an additional alarm alert will be generated and presented to the system operators.
Create card holder photoAs well as importing a photo to associate, you can take a photo using a PC webcam.
Cardholder groupsCardholders can be combined into cardholder groups such as staff, management or cleaners for easy and scalable management.
Access rulesAn access rule defines when someone has access to where. Combining a schedule with a cardholder, or group of cardholders with doors and/or zones.
Unlocking schedules including First person inApplying an unlocking schedule on a door unlocks the door while the schedule is active. Adding the First person in flag enables the unlocking schedule only if someone has first entered the door.
Manual door and zone controlManual door actions like Access, Unlock, Lock and Lockdown can be sent to individual or multiple doors and zones.
Lockdown of door and zonesCardholders will not be able to enter zones or doors when the lock down is active. Cardholders can be configured to be exempt from lockdown and will be able to enter when the system is in lockdown.
Import and Export of cardholder informationCardholder information from an existing access control database can be imported via CSV file. This simplifies the migration from one system to another.
The system can also be restored from the last point in time an export was created.
Configuration reportsAdd a possibility to export configuration reports in CSV format.

Door dashboard

The door dashboard provides live information and control of the associated door. The door dashboard can be used within split views just like cameras within AXIS Camera Station Pro.

Real time visual verification of door activityThe activity at the door is displayed together with the relevant cardholder photo for easy real time verification. The last event is shown constantly.
Live door statusThe current status of the door monitor and lock is displayed.
Door forced open and Door open-too-long alarms will be displayed in real time when viewing the door dashboard.
Bookmarked transactionsAn operator can bookmark an individual entry for easy investigation.
Manual door and zone control Manual door actions like Access, Unlock, Lock and Lockdown can be sent to the associated door.

Hardware overview (compatible network door controllers)

AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry is only compatible with AXIS A16 series and AXIS A12 series Network Door Controller.

You can find more details about the hardware here:

Secure Entry Firmware trackThe unified solution only supports the A1601 Network Door Controller and the AXIS A12 Network Door Controller Series on the AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry Firmware track.
Autonomous configurationThe controllers are configured autonomously to function regardless of AXIS Camera Station Pro server being online.
Number of doorsA maximum of 128 doors can be used and is dependent on AXIS Camera Station Pro server hardware.
Each AXIS A16 series door controller can control up to two doors depending on the requirement.
Each AXIS A12 series door controller can control up to one door depending on the requirement.
ReadersRS485 (OSDP)/Wiegand
Wireless LocksUp to 16 Aperio wireless locks can be connected to an Axis door controller via the Aperio AH30 hub.

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