AXIS Camera Station 5 - What’s new

AXIS Camera Station 5.57

Flashing coverage areas

Always active trigger

Access management updates

Smart search 2 updates

AXIS Camera Station 5.56

Easier server updates

Support for AXIS D1110 Video Decoder

Change recording location to AXIS S30 Series Recorders

Improved Active Directory data mapping

Allow access in lockdown

AXIS Camera Station 5.55

Access management user permissions

  • For operators, you can now allow or restrict access to alarm notifications, the Alarms and tasks bar, and the Logs tab. See the user manual for more information.


AXIS Camera Station 5.54

Create views with digital presets

  • Digital presets improve efficiency when viewing both live and recorded video, and you can now use the presets when creating views.

An action that turns action rules on or off

  • You can now create an action that turns other action rules on or off. Use Turn rules on or off, for example, if you want to turn off motion detection in an office when an employee swipes their access card. See the user manual for more information.

Access management user permissions

  • You can now limit access control configuration and access management functionality for operators and viewers. See the user manual for more information.

Wireless locks

  • AXIS Camera Station now supports the ASSA ABLOY Aperio® wireless locks and communication hubs. The wireless lock connects to the system via an Aperio communication hub connected to the door controller’s RS485 connector. You can connect up to 16 wireless locks to a door controller. See the user manual for more information.

AXIS Camera Station 5.53

Radar speed filter in smart search

  • You can now filter your smart search results based on the speed of an object, like a speeding car, for example. The speed filter is available for cameras with radar. See Create a filter for more information.

Thermal spot meter

  • The thermal spot meter lets you measure the temperature anywhere in the image from a thermal camera. This feature burns an overlay text showing the temperature into the recorded video right where you click. This can be used for process control and similar applications.

AND logic in triggers

  • Use this setting to trigger an action only when all triggers in the rule are active. This gives you extra functionality when creating rules. For example, an alarm will only trigger when an input has been set. We recommend using this for triggers with duration and not for short triggers. See Add triggers for more information.

Support for the newest door controller

AXIS Camera Station 5.52

Identify devices by image

  • AXIS Camera Station now shows you images of your devices in the Add device page, which helps you identify the devices more easily.

Copy action rules

  • Copy existing action rules and edit them to save time.

Use hotspot in playback mode

  • You can now use hotspots in the recordings pane. When used with maps and similar views, this simplifies the playback of recordings.

AXIS Camera Station 5.51

Import cardholders from Active Directory

  • You can now map users from an active directory database into the Secure Entry access control management system. The user properties in the active directory are mapped to cardholder properties in your access management system. See Active directory settings.

Support for AXIS A1210 Network Door Controller

Subscribe to the Axis services status page

  • You can now subscribe to the status page on This page shows both the disruptions and any planned maintenance to the Axis services and now you can receive an email if there is a disruption.

AXIS Camera Station 5.50

Faster, more stable, and more secure

  • In this version of AXIS Camera Station, we have put a lot of effort into making the system faster, more stable, more user friendly, and more secure.

Improved user experience with a recording-based timeline

  • We have improved the timeline user experience with a new look, better stability, performance, and responsiveness.

  • We now have a timeline tool tip that includes a preview image and highlights event recordings.

  • The timeline now shows recordings independently of event triggers, and it shows recordings as a thick line in the background and events as thinner colored lines.

  • It shows bookmarks and events that don’t have a duration as badges, with an icon representing the type of badge.

  • We have improved the export functionality with the ability to add only event recordings within a specific range.

  • See Recordings and Export recordings for more information.

AXIS Camera Station 5.49

Save storage space in smart search 2 database

  • You can filter out incoming detections by size, duration, and by a certain area in the image. This helps save storage space in the smart search database. It’s especially useful if there’s a lot of non-relevant motion such as moving trees or clouds, in the image. See Configure smart search 2 for more information.

Better overview in smart search 2 search results

  • You can now group results that occurred within a certain configurable time period. This gives you a clearer overview of the search results, which makes it easier to find what you’re looking for. See Create a filter for more information.

Avoid duplicates when importing cardholders

  • You can now import cardholders to your access management system using an update option. This option keeps the current personnel records and imports only the identified updates, which prevents duplicate personnel records in the system. See Import for more information.

Use vehicle license plate as credentialPREVIEW

AXIS Camera Station 5.48

System health monitoring in the cloudPREVIEW

  • AXIS Camera Station System Health Monitoring Cloud Service allows you to monitor health data from systems located on different networks. Since it’s a cloud-based service it also provides added reliability, less maintenance, and the ability to monitor systems in different organizations. See Setup AXIS System Health Monitoring Cloud Service for more information.

Improved search results in Smart search 2

  • The new feature Time periods without metadata lets you include recordings with no metadata in the search results. See Smart search results for more information.

Improved security

  • When you add a new device, AXIS Camera Station automatically activates HTTPS on the device.

Updated controls in live view

AXIS Camera Station 5.47

Time synchronization

  • Added the Time synchronization page to configure the time synchronization between server and devices. See Time synchronization.

  • Removed the server setting Use this server as the NTP server for connected devices.

Playback timeline

When hovering the mouse on a recording on the timeline, you can see an image of the recording, and the recording type and time.

Integration with AXIS Speed Monitor

The vehicle data captured by AXIS Speed Monitor can be filtered in AXIS Camera Station. See Data search and Set up AXIS Speed Monitor.

Multiple streaming profiles for third-party cameras

Added support for multiple streaming profiles for third-party cameras. See Streaming profiles.

Customize stream for a video profile

You can set custom stream parameters for Axis cameras. See Streaming profiles.

Secure Entry

  • Dynamic QR BETA: From the AXIS Mobile Credential app, enter your PIN to activate the dynamic QR code to get access. See Set up AXIS Mobile Credential.

  • Multi server PREVIEW: Added support for access control features in multi-server systems.

    • Configure the main server and sub servers. See Multi server.

    • Configure the global cardholders and groups on the main server and use them from the sub server. See Access management.

Smart search 2 (Beta)

  • The storage size limit can be configured. See Configure smart search.

  • Basic support for radar devices. Radar can only detect person and other vehicle.

AXIS Camera Station 5.46

Root certificate generation

  • When AXIS Camera Station server starts, it will check if there is a CA configured. If not, it will generate a root CA automatically. See Certificate authority.

  • Now AXIS Camera Station automatically stores the passphrase of the certificate authority. See Certificate authority.

Smart search 2 BETA

For devices with deep learning capability, you can choose how to use the classification on device and on server. See postprocessing strategy in Create a filter.

System Health Monitoring BETA

Release status changes from Preview to Beta.

AXIS S3008 Recorder integration

Release status changes from Beta to public release.

AXIS Camera Station 5.45

Communication ports

  • Define the port range used by the system. See Server settings.

  • View a full list of ports and protocols used by the system. See Port list.

Smart search 1

Smart search 1 can be hidden now. Go to client settings to disable it. See Client settings.

Smart search 2 BETA

A progress bar is added to show the detections remaining and estimated time left. See Create a filter.

Status of Axis services

A link is added in AXIS Camera Station to open the status of Axis services page. See Status of Axis services.

Secure Entry

Support to show cardholder photo in data search result for unified, cross-video investigation. See Data search.

AXIS Camera Station 5.44

Live mode in data search

Live mode allows to view real-time data. In live mode, you can switch between recordings and live view. See Data search.

Hotspot option in live view action

You can set up a live view action to navigate to the hotspot view and show a camera view in the hotspot. See Create live view actions.

Automatic rotation in image configuration

See Image configuration.

AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry

Support AXIS Barcode Reader to grant access by reading QR Code®. For a complete workflow how to set up AXIS Barcode Reader, see Set up AXIS Barcode Reader.

QR Code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated in Japan and other countries.

AXIS Camera Station 5.43

Siren and light

The siren and light action triggers a siren and light pattern on AXIS D4100-E Network Strobe Siren according to a configured profile. See Create siren and light actions.

What’s new tab

When you start the client after AXIS Camera Station upgrade, the What’s new tab is open by default to show the new features included in the new version. See What’s new tab.

You can choose to disable this feature. See Client settings.

Data search

  • Preconfigured search intervals are available for you to choose from. For example: Last hour, Last 4 hours, etc. See Data search.

  • Optimize search results with parentheses () operator. See Optimize your search.

Recording alerts tab

Double-click an alarm without a recording from a tab with camera view, the Recording alerts tab is opened showing the recording for the camera that is currently in focus at the timestamp of the alarm. See Alarms.

Smart search 2

  • Release status changes from Preview to Beta.

  • Allow to choose storage location for database. See Configure smart search 2.

AXIS S3008 Recorder integration

  • Release status changes from Preview to Beta.

  • For new installations, fallback recording is enabled by default when adding a device with AXIS S3008 Recorder as storage.

AXIS Camera Station 5.42

Export recordings

Site Designer project

When importing an Site Designer project, the IP address is first used to match devices. See Import Site Designer projects.

Filter data search

When searing in the Data search tab, use AND and OR to filter results to optimize your search. See Optimize your search.

System backup

System backup file now include both main database files and components database files. See System backup.

Smart search 2 (Preview)

  • Export recording for a detection. See Smart search results.

  • Save and manage search filters. See Create a filter.

  • Added support for cameras with multiple streams. But only the main stream is used for smart search.

AXIS Camera Station 5.41

System Health Monitoring (Preview)

System Health Monitoring is available as a Preview feature. For general information about Preview and how to provide feedback, see Preview and Beta.

Drag and drop views

You can select the cameras or views and drag and drop to a new tab in the main screen or monitor screen. A dynamic split view is displayed. See Multiple monitors.

AXIS Camera Station 5.40

Server certificate

Server certificate can be displayed under Tools in AXIS Camera Station Service Control. See Tools.

Map snapshot

Added support to save or export snapshots of the map. See Map.

Smart search 2 (Preview)

  • You can generate the detection report which contains all information about a certain classification. See Configure smart search 2 (Preview).

  • You can apply background postprocessing for selected cameras. See Smart search 2 (Preview). These should be considered before testing the new feature.

AXIS Camera Station 5.39

Smart search 2 (Preview)

Smart search 2 is available as a Preview feature. For general information about Preview and how to provide feedback, see Preview and Beta.

  • The functionality may or may not fulfill individual customer requirements. It is available for evaluation purposes. It requires additional system resources and we recommend not using it in a critical system.

  • For how to configure it, see Configure smart search 2 (Preview).

  • For how to use it and current limitations, see Smart search 2 (Preview). These should be considered before testing the new feature.

AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry

  • When importing cardholders, a new option is available to add new cardholders and keep existing cardholders. See Import.

  • You can add doors to a map and view the physical status of the door. See Map.

AXIS Camera Station 5.38

Device configuration tab BETA

The Device configuration tab is available as Beta feature. For general information about Beta and how to provide feedback, see Preview and Beta.

When you click a device’s address, the device’s configuration page is displayed in a tab in AXIS Camera Station instead of in an external web browser. See Device configuration tabBETA.

AXIS PTZ Autotracking

When an Axis PTZ camera is configured with AXIS PTZ Autotracking, you can use the camera in AXIS Camera Station to automatically detect and follow moving objects such as people or vehicles in its field of view. See Set up AXIS PTZ Autotracking.

AXIS License Plate Verifier

When a device is configured with AXIS License Plate Verifier, it is considered as an external data source in AXIS Camera Station. You can connect a view to the data source, search for the license plates that are captured by the device, and view the image of the license plates. See Set up AXIS License Plate Verifier.

Export data search results

Export data search results to a .txt file. Only event information is exported. Recordings and images are not exported. See Data search.

The schedule editor has been improved. See Schedules.

Door station calls

When there is an incoming door station call, you can select to accept, decline or ignore the call. See Set up AXIS Network Door Station.

Improved schedule editor

The schedule editor has been improved. See Schedules.

Manage licenses offline

You can select to manage licenses offline even if the system is online. See Configure licenses.

Share anonymous server usage data

This option has been moved from AXIS Camera Service Control to AXIS Camera Station client under Configuration > Server > Settings.

New theme

The system theme is added under Configuration > Client > Settings.

AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry

AXIS Camera Station 5.37

Prerecorded videos

Demo videos are included as prerecorded video for easy exploration of AXIS Camera Station system. See Add devices, video streams or prerecorded videos.

Improved integration with Axis body worn system

Notes and categories added in AXIS Body Worn Assistant are displayed when you click Show all body worn metadata in Recordings.

Improved multi site capability

You can add any view, camera or device from other servers to your split view, sequence or map view. See Split view, Sequence, Map.

Change server language

Change the language of AXIS Camera Station Service Control and data sent from AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry. See Server settings.

AXIS Camera Station 5.36

Set up AXIS S3008 Recorder (Preview)

AXIS S3008 Recorder support in AXIS Camera Station is available as a Preview feature. For general information about Preview and how to provide feedback, see Preview and Beta.

  • The functionality may or may not fulfill individual customer requirements. It is available for evaluation purposes and should not be used in a critical system where stability and recordings are of importance.

  • For details about this feature, setup instructions and current limitations, see Set up AXIS S3008 Recorder. These should be considered before testing the new feature.

Send mobile app notification BETA

The Send mobile app notification action is available as Beta feature. For general information about Beta and how to provide feedback, see Preview and Beta.

When you create an action rule, you can select this action to send a custom message to the AXIS Camera Station mobile app. See Create send mobile app notification actions.

Access management

The Beta tag is removed.

You can add the cardholder image by taking a picture with the computer’s webcam.

Access control

The Beta tag is removed.

Device information is now included in the pin chart under Configuration > Access control > Doors and zones.

Prerecorded videos

Demo cameras are renamed to prerecorded videos and license is not required for prerecorded videos.

Remember view navigation

When you open a new tab that contains camera views, AXIS Camera Station will automatically navigate to the camera view that you navigated from.

For example, when you view a camera’s live view and then open a Smart search tab, it will automatically navigate to the camera view in the Smart search tab.

AXIS Camera Station 5.35

Set up AXIS A1601 Network Door Controller

Now you can set up AXIS A1601 Network Door Controller in AXIS Camera Station. See Set up AXIS A1601 Network Door Controller.

To see the videos about how to set up, go to this playlist.

  • Configure access control

    • Configure identification profiles

    • Configure card formats and PIN length

    • Add a door and configure the door with door monitor, emergency input, reader, or REX device.

    • Add a zone

  • Access management

    • Add cardholders, credentials, groups, and access rules

    • Import and export cardholder data

    • Export reports

  • Door dashboard in split view

  • Data search

Add video streams

You can add more than one video streams to AXIS Camera Station for live view and continuous recording. See Find your video streams.

Find more than one devices

When you manually search for devices, you can enter addresses of more than one devices. See Find your devices.

Add demo cameras

You can add .mkv files as demo cameras to AXIS Camera Station and configure a .dewarp file to dewarp the video stream of the demo camera. See Find prerecorded videos.

AXIS Camera Station 5.34

New audio control

In the new design of audio control in the live view, you can mute other views and listen to a specific view only. See the audio section in Live view.

New navigation system

You can choose to have views, cameras, or both in the navigation system. See Client settings.

Switch device connection between IP and hostname

You can change how AXIS Camera Station communicates with devices. See Connection.

Upgrade device firmware with factory default values

When you upgrade a device firmware, you can choose to keep the existing settings or reset all to factory default values. See Upgrade firmware.

AXIS Camera Station 5.33

Set up an Axis body worn system

Now you can set up an Axis body worn system in AXIS Camera Station. See Set up an Axis body worn system.

For how to create a connection file, see Body worn settings.

Set up an Axis body worn system
Playback and export Axis body worn camera recordings

Export format

You can export your recordings or incident reports to .mp4 and .mkv formats. See Export recordings, Incident report, and Scheduled export.

User permissions

The User permissions page is improved for better usability. See Configure user permissions.

Map settings from Site Designer

The map settings from Site Designer can be imported when adding devices using the Site Designer configuration. See Import Site Designer projects.

AXIS Camera Station 5.32


The Push-to-talk button is available in the live view for cameras with a built-in speaker or an associated external speaker. See Streaming profiles and Live view.

By default, Push-to-talk is used for simplex and half-duplex modes, but you can configure to use it for all duplex modes. You can also configure the release delay time to keep audio transmitted from the microphone after you release the button. See Streaming.

AXIS Camera Station 5.31

Average bitrate

For continuous recordings, you can calculate the average bitrate based on required retention time and specified storage. See Configure average bitrate.


You can configure Zipstream in your video profiles. See Streaming profiles.

Retry incident report and export recordings tasks

Under the Tasks tab, you can retry the failed incident report and export recordings tasks. See Tasks.

Find devices by IP ranges

When you add devices, you can specify IP address ranges and port ranges to search for multiple devices. See Add devices.

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